The Best Calming Apps to Use When You’re Feeling Stressed And Anxious

We all like using the internet, particularly from mobile devices. Mobile devices make up most of the internet traffic, particularly in the last ten years or so, after iOS and Android devices became popular and infected the population with their usability and practicality.

We tend to spend most of our time using phones and similar smart devices. Entertainment is best found online, or rather, easiest. Some people prefer watching movies while others, more passionate about sports, tend to bet on their favorite athletes or teams. Experienced punters turn to online casinos and use promo codes like a bet365 bonus code, to get the most out of their betting.

While we go through our days, even when we are seeking entertainment, we tend to get stressed out. This can be problematic, particularly because stress can turn to chronic stress, and that isn’t good.

Why not put our phones to good use and download the following applications that can help us deal with stress and anxiety?


Obviously, the application with the most telling name should be the first on the list. However, it is not because of its name that it gets the top spot, but rather because it is a really good app. It has plenty of great reviews but if you try it on your own, you will see that it can quickly put your worried mind to rest.

It has timed meditations which are great for beginners or those who are too stressed to organize their own mediation at that point. With the paid plans, you can unlock more options in the app, though the free version is good enough on its own.


This is an application for those who are not afraid to spend some time thinking about themselves. It is an application which offers practical guides on how to be nice to yourself. It also tackles issues that people frequently go through such as body and age anxiety. The app is sort of backed by an Oxford university study which showed that anxiety and stress were significantly reduced after the testers were using the app for two months. 


This application takes on a different approach than the others. Rather than giving you your breath to focus on, it gives you something concrete to do, in this case, things to paint. It is basically an adult paintbook. 

You can paint anything from photos of people to surrealistic images or to relatively simple geometry shapes. While the app has a free version, the paid version gives you more art to work on. Choose whichever you want, but you can also try the app for a week, if you want to see all the premium features.

Stop, Breathe, Think

This application is great for those who really need to deal with stress at this moment. When you feel your thoughts racing and that you can’t stop them, don’t even bother. Open the application and let it guide you through the process. 

These are some of the best apps for dealing with stress and anxiety.