9 Best Blogs About Cars

Car blogs are plentiful on the web, but not all of them contain all the necessary information that an enthusiast needs. If you get excited when it comes to talking about cars, the same way people are excited to spend their free time using JBO Thailand, keep on reading. We thought it would be helpful to provide you with the top select few car blogs. Here they are:


AutoSpies, founded in 2001 by Donald Buffamanti, Chip Grueter, and Greg Flores, is the leading source for automobile industry news. On this website, you will find the newest car information and industry “leaks” you won’t find anywhere else on the internet, which are sure to help you save money on your car.


Looking for technological advancements in the auto industry? If so, then Automoblog is the place for you. You can read the latest vehicle reviews by scrolling the blog’s pages on this site started by Chris Burdick in 2006.

Good Car Bad Car

According to Tim Cain, Good Car Bad Car was initially set up to promote the “good car” while crushing the “bad car”. Furthermore, the site now provides brand rankings and sales figures from car manufacturers as well as detailed information and charts on the latest vehicles.


There is a good chance that Audi fans have visited this blog at least once before. Founded in 2009 by Joshua Decker, QuattroWorld is a company devoted to engaging children. Joshua is an Audi enthusiast and runs this blog for the latest news, events, and media coverage about the famous vehicles.


In its quest to connect people with similar interests and passions in hot rods and classic cars, MyRideIsMe.com hosts a blog for those who enjoy sharing their experiences with their respective rides. The site was developed by Craig Pike, and it also features a series of events and racing, as well as a how-to section for DIY enthusiasts.


EricTheCarGuy has auto repair videos that can assist you in your auto repairs. With solid experience in the automotive industry, Eric’s blog is full of useful information to help car owners diagnose and DIY fix problems with their cars.

The Garage

There are a lot of cool things on the Garage like vehicle reviews, driver stories, and photos taken and submitted by users based all over the world. It is Gary Grant’s lifetime interest in cars that inspired The Garage, and it is his passion for cars that inspires everything he writes.


The MPG-o-Matic website is the brainchild of best-selling tech author Daniel Gray, which discusses fuel-efficient cars that can be fun to drive. You can check out the Gas Mileage calculator on this site to determine if you need to switch to a cheaper vehicle with better gas mileage.

Auto Upkeep Blog

If you need basic knowledge about cars and driving, Auto Upkeep Blog is the place to visit. This site, written by Mike and Linda Gray, also provides knowledge on car care, repair, and maintenance for those planning to pursue a career in Automotive Technology.