Audi Will be Using VR in Their Cars

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Technology pushes us and we learn. In other news related to technology, virtual reality has been gaining popularity. We have reached a point where car manufacturers like Audi are going to add VR to their cars. Here is more on the topic. 

Audi to Add VR to Their Cars

Virtual reality in cars? What has the world come to? Well, luxury manufacturers, such as Audi, have always been looking for new ways to improve and make their user experience as best as possible. Audi is one of the manufacturers that is always at the forefront of technology, often including over-engineered parts and gadgets which are a nightmare to fix and take care of when broken.

Audi is planning on adding Holoride, a technology based on the third-generation MIB toolkit, to make content such as movies, video games, and TV shows, available to the passengers in select vehicles, among which are the A4, A5, Q7, Q8, e-Tron, and the e-Tron GT Quattro. 

This technology will be available from 2022 onwards.

Why VR in Cars?

Well, the answer is, immersion. Passengers shouldn’t be bored out of their minds when traveling, and the answer to that is a virtual reality with augmented reality, a combination that Audi calls extended reality. In their cars, the headset will be synchronized with the vehicle and the route that the vehicle takes. 

The experience the user sees will change every time. Audi is using haptic feedback to make the headset as pleasant as possible and multiple users have reported that they are feeling less sick than they were when reading or watching content on their smartphones.

Given the adaptive nature of the system, passengers will get a different experience every time, unless they are watching the content of their choosing.

Looking Ahead

Introducing VR into a vehicle seems dangerous, but the trend of working on autonomous vehicles is continuing, whereupon driving a car will be mostly eliminated and the driver would be an occasional driver, more of a passenger. 

This type of technology is Audi’s way of saying that in the future, drivers may be there only as a backup and that the cars will be doing most of the work. Given how Tesla already has a gaming computer in their cars, it comes as no surprise that Audi is adding VR.

The future is here, and soon enough, cars will have VR as an option for entertainment purposes for passengers, with Audi leading the charge. Audi has often been at the forefront of automobile innovation which is also the case with VR integration.