What are R4i cards and why they are so popular April 12, 2012

SD cards are small memory cards that can be used for things like phones, tablets, and cameras. However, these tiny memory cards are now able to be used in game systems. r4i sdhc Though there are many memory cards available on the market, using an R4i card in a game console can give a game player a lot of advantages. Here is more information on the benefits of an R4i card.

Added benefits of an R4i card: The r4i card is for use with the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DSi. However, with this special card, the Nintendo unit can do more than just play games. The card will allow the game unit to be able to play music, read electronic books, send text messages, and send text messages to other Nintendo game players.

A better value than the specific game systems cards: The biggest advantage of an R4i card is that it is a lot less expensive than the cards that are actually made for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. With the special Nintendo cards, there is a limit to the games that can be played with the card. If a person wants to play another game, they have to buy another Nintendo game card.  The R4i card is the only card that is needed because it can hold many games on only the single card.

The card can be found anywhere: R4i cards are available from pretty much anywhere. There are many shops that carry R4i cards, and a person can order one and have it sent directly to their home.  The cards for the Nintendo consoles themselves are not always easy to find, and sometimes the cards have to be special ordered. The memory cards that are made especially for the Nintendo consoles are also more expensive then the R4i cards, especially if a person has to buy more than one to play all of the games that they want.

Memory cards are used in things like tablets, phones, electronic book readers, and now game consoles. The r4i cards are very small, and they can fit inside the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DSi game units. By adding this special R4i card, the DS unit can do so much more than simply play games. With this little memory card, a game unit can be turned into a tablet with the ability to send text messages, watch movies, and listen to music. Nintendo game card are designed for only one game at a time, but a gamer that wants to do more than just play games should look into an R4i card.

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