Top Cars of 2021

Vehicles are used as commodities nowadays. Most people still use cars every single day to commute and go to work while others have cars as a way of luxury transportation, even though it is a simple hatchback and not a luxury sedan which costs more than an apartment. 

However, every single year, car manufacturers update their vehicles, with this or that, a simple thing or something really huge. Each year is marked by some cars being better than others at a given price point. Here are the top cars for 2021, in different categories and price points.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has always been the hatchback to purchase, if you want a compact Japanese car. It is known for its acceleration and being one of the first hot hatchbacks, or rather, a speedy, small car. Modern Hondas are not different, except that they are in every way faster and more feature-packed. Whether you want speed or simplicity, the Civic is the go-to solution. An alternative would be the Volkswagen Golf, if you want THE hatchback, or an Audi A3, if you want something more luxurious. 

Volvo XC40

Small and compact SUVs are very popular, despite SUVs being popular for the past ten years. Still, SUVs are selling and companies are finding new ways of marketing them and making them better. Volvos have a solid build and are known for their safety but are also quite luxurious while also not looking that much out of the ordinary. Newer Volvos are more striking in look and definitely have the feel of a luxury vehicle. The XC40 is a good place to start, being the cheapest and smallest of the bunch. Alternatives include the BMW X3 and the Audi Q3.

Toyota Avalon

Why not purchase a large sedan that is comfortable and quiet, but not as expensive as luxury sedans are. The Toyota Avalon, the 2021 model, is a full size sedan which has all the features you need, and none of the price that you dislike. Why not purchase a large, reliable car from a company that is known to make the most reliable vehicles. It can have enough power or more than enough, depending on the engine that you choose. 

Mercedes-Benz S Class

Why not purchase the most advanced car to date, or rather, some of the most advanced cars that Mercedes has made. Mercedes is known for its engineering and an approach which is not the recipe to car longevity. Though, those purchasing an S Class often care more about luxury than how long the car will last, particularly when it is in warranty.

2021 has shown us some amazing vehicles, and these are the ones to look at if you want to purchase a car. There are many options, however, to suit everybody’s needs and desires.