Tips on Organizing Your Day When You Work at Home

The global pandemic stemming from Covid-19 is a problematic ongoing issue. We all have had trouble with the pandemic, from athletes to musicians, not to mention everybody who is working anywhere in public, or even with other people close by. Those who were able to, switched to remote work, for their own health, and the health of everybody else.

Yet, working from home introduced an entire new set of problems, most of which stem from the lack of routine which was going to work, physically, and going back home, and everything in between, prior and after. The atmosphere at home is not at all similar to what people experience at work, to say the least. 

Working at home has changed many people’s lives, but with a lot of challenges and new obstacles. The major obstacle is organizing one’s day while also staying at home and working remotely. Here are some tips on how to organize your day while staying at home.

Limit Your Screen Time

People tend to spend way too much time looking at their phones, social media applications as well as videos and recently, short clips or reels. This does not do anything good for us, on both a physiological level and in practice. What it does is lower our ability to focus and makes us more dependent on fast-changing content such as social media. 

One of the best advice for anybody working at home (presumably using a computer) is to not look at any screen the first hour or two after they wake.

The first two hours should be used for anything else. From doing laundry to working out, the first hours after waking should not have any screens involved. 

Make Schedules – Especially if One Has Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours are a nightmare for most people, because they know that they can do their work at any time, but it ends up being at the latest possible moment, sacrificing sleep for work and screen time. None of these things are healthy, particularly in the long run.

Schedule your working hours, for example, 9 to 1 pm, and in the afternoon, 3 to 7, or from 3 until you finish your task. There is no need to work for 10 hours if you can finish your work in 5 and still have enough time to do everything else. Make sure to have a schedule, because that way, work will still be work and not something you mix with Twitch, social media, TV shows and everything else that can fit in between.

Have Work Computers/Accounts/Browsers

One of the best ways to work is to have another computer for work, or another account or another browser for work. This way, you will be able to distance yourself from the type of activities you do on your regular account and system. It is an easy to implement “hack”, which does indeed help.

Organizing your time can be very difficult if you are working from home and have flexible hours. With these tips, you can take back control of your time (from yourself).