The most efficient gear for becoming fit and trim

No matter what sport you choose and whether you play it recreationally or professionally, it is always desirable to be in shape and to feel comfortable while you train. You can use different equipment that can help you reach your goals.

Boxing ball

The boxing ball set consists of a headband and two balls – red, which is heavy, and black, which is lighter. This gear helps you if you do some combat sport. It is suitable for practicing shots and punches, as well as coordination, reaction speed, and endurance. It also keeps you in shape, burns your calories and strengthens your upper body.

Agility ladder

The agility ladder is the perfect equipment for everyone who wants to be in shape. This tool can be used both outdoors and indoors since it is easy to setup. It improves your speed, helps you coordinate your moves, and increases your foot speed. There are various exercises you can do using this equipment. It is possible to run through the ladder, to run backwards, do a zig-zag crossover, and every other combination that you can think of.

Agility poles

This tool usually comes in a set of more pieces. It is usually used by football players who practice speed and their skill with a ball. These poles are colored in neon colors, and that’s why they can be easily seen in a training area.

TRX trainer

This piece of gear is very popular nowadays because you can use it wherever you want, you just need to attach it somewhere tightly, and you don’t need any extra gear with it, just your own body strength and weight. The TRX trainer is used for strengthening, building and toning your muscles, and burning calories. There is plenty of exercises you can do, you just need to use your imagination. You can choose differently designed bands depending on whether you want to exercise at home or you do this as a professional.

Medicine ball

The medicine ball is suitable for both upper and lower body exercises. You can choose from various weights. It helps you coordinate your body parts and it is nice for gaining strength or maintaining balance. With the regular use of this ball, building up your abs is guaranteed.

Speed parachute

This gear is used for running, and it maximizes acceleration and running speed. It works when you hook it around your waist and start running. This resistance training tool will help you work on your strength whichever sport you play. It also improves your stamina and muscle endurance, and that will give you more energy for being the best in your team.

Recoil 360

This piece of equipment helps athletes practice their strength and vertical jump. As you can see from its name it gives you the possibility of moving in any direction without the limits. It is made for single training or training with a partner. It works by creating resistance while making motions, so it motivates you to make more explosive ones.