Primaforce 10mg Syneburn Weight Loss Supplement November 20, 2015

There are a lot of weight-loss agents out there that are clinically proven to help you lose weight. One weight-loss agent is the Syneprhine HCL, which pretty much acts like a stimulant that helps you burn fat.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Primaforce 10mg Syneburn Weight Loss supplement. As the label indicates, the Syneburn contains 10mg of Synephrine HCL as its active ingredient.

Now, what separates the Syneprhine HCL among other weight-loss agents? Synephrine HCL has been known to increase both energy and metabolic levels. Some people report that they use Syneburn as their pre-workout supplement, because it provides them the much-needed energy to plow through their workout.prima

Here is the official Primaforce 10mg Syneburn Weight Loss Supplement product description:

PrimaForce Syneburn contains 100% Synephrine HCl and can help burn fat, suppress appetite and increase energy. Synephrine HCl is derived from the Citrus aurantium fruit, which is used for a variety of purposes in traditional Chinese medicine. Synephrine is a stimulant, similar to caffeine and ephedrine. It has similar effects in terms of providing an energy boost, suppressing appetite and increasing metabolic rate leading to the burning or more calories. It is used as a safer alternative to Ma Huang. It helps to stimulate fat metabolism without the negative cardiovascular side effects experienced by some people with Ma Huang.

Health Experts say that Synephrine HCL helps burn fat even if you’re resting. This is perfect for people who have 8-10 hour work shifts every day and they don’t have enough time, nor the energy to go to the gym and exercise.

Of course, you have to couple Syneburn with a proper diet if you want to have better and faster results. It is recommended that you eat a maximum 1800 calories per day for men, and 1,500 calories for women.

Furthermore, do not eat foods that are high in sugar and fat. Examples of such foods are Ice cream, Cookies, Cake, Pizza, just to name a few. These are filled with calories, and they are not very healthy at all. Just eat them from time to time, but not every day.

Is the Syneburn effective? Let’s find out what consumers have to say:

Lois: “I’m at 235 pounds, and have maintained muscle while dropping 15% body fat. Now I’m at about 8% body fat, this was with a month time .Pretty effective in terms of decreasing the appetite and losing the body fat.”

Carey: “I like the clean stimulant effect and appetite curb it has, since I cant buy real ephedrine anymore. I use Syneburn as my preworkout, as I am immune to a lot of products since been taking for so many years. I use it before morning cardio, and still have energy to go back to gym for weights, 6 hours later, and I come down very nicely, not agitated, like most stimulants.”

The Primaforce 10mg Syneburn weight loss supplements is priced at $15.60 for 180 capsules. If you want to have an effective Synephrine HCL supplement, this is a good choice.

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