Playing Sports Games Online

It is not always possible to go outside and enjoy a game of softball. Sometimes, the weather can be unforgiving and, with the fast-paced lifestyle of this generation, finding company that can play a few matches with you can be difficult due to their availability, or, rather, lack thereof.

However, if you like games and are a true sports fan, rejoice! There is almost an infinite number of games related to sports in one way or another that you can play online. We have compiled a list of such games, as well as affordable alternatives that can be played any time anywhere.

Browser and Mobile Games

For those that enjoy simplicity, there is no need to purchase some heavy-duty gaming equipment. You don’t need a mouse with a record response time, or a keyboard with reinforced keys to enjoy browser games. All you need is your Flash player and you’re good to go.

Popular websites that feature easy-to-play and engaging sports games include MouseBreaker, NewGrounds, JoyLand, and Agame, among thousands of others. Here, you will find simple, but awesome, racing, football, track-and-field, and team-management games. Companies often put alpha versions of their games on websites like these before going truly public, or in the hopes of getting discovered by game developers and clients. If they succeed, their games could go mobile.

Regardless of the type of phone you own, there should be plenty of free or cheap mobile games related to sports. Soccer, archery, and even curling await your skillful hands.

Racing Games

You have probably heard of at least one installment of Need for Speed. There are several games in this franchise that can be played online, against players from all over the world. Currently, NFS Edge is in development, and it is going to be an MMO racing game.

If you want a light-hearted racing game you can play with your little ones, we suggest finding a Mario Kart title that best suits your wallet. There are several installments of this game that can be played online, though you need the appropriate Nintendo console.


True soccer fans have at one point in their lives sat down to play either FIFA or PES, depending on whether you preferred playing games on your computer or PlayStation. Regardless of your preference, these two games have been the pinnacle of soccer since forever, and you can now enjoy them online.

Like in the previous sections of this article, there is not just one game in each installment that can be played online. Find the option that you like the best and kick off against the world.

NBA Live 18 and 19

If basketball is more up your alley, you should check out NBA Live 18 and 19, as they provide stable online gameplay with a multitude of features, including building your own career and putting your face on some of the players.

What separates these games from the previous installments is that fact that player motion and animation are much more fluid and natural, so it’s easy to get immersed in your matches.