What is the Nintendo DS console? July 12, 2011 Comments Off on What is the Nintendo DS console?

New game consoles are being released every year and there has been an increase in demand for portable game consoles. Nintendo heeded this call and the Nintendo DS was the result.nintendo dsUnlike the GameBoy Advance SP, this one is slightly larger so you might skip on the idea of keeping the DS in your pocket. Backpack yes, pocket no unless you have a cargo jeans with a large pocket space.

A feature that might be new to you is that it has a dual screen on which the bottom one is a touch screen. Behind the SP lays its stylus for you to navigate in addition to the navigation buttons you have accustomed with the previous GameBoy series. The new DS also sports 2 new buttons which is the X and Y button. Most DS games utilize the touch screen feature so there are more interactivity for users.

At the time of publishing, there are a lot of DS games available in the market for you to choose from. There are some famous titles such as The Sims and also Pokemon. However, those who would want a manlier game will have to bear with DS games catalog as there are not many games for that genre. A game that would be most familiar amongst gamers is the famous Call of Duty and we are happy to say that Activision has released the Call of Duty 5 on the DS.

Playing games is also a lot more fun in the DS with its microphone. When a game tells you to blow the candle, what do you do? You blow through the microphone. It might be rather embarrassing for some but to others, this might even be fun. All in all, there has been an increase in the user interactivity with the game from this feature and we can expect some very attractive games to be released.

Multiplayer gaming has never been as easy as it is on the DS. Before, you would have to use link cables to play amongst each other but now, you can do it wirelessly with the built in wireless feature. In addition to that, you may also use the wireless to chat amongst DS users within your proximity through the PictoChat program embedded with the DS.

Previous Advance SP users complained that they cannot see the game properly if it is front lit and Nintendo modified this and made both screen of the DS backlit. Users will have no problem in regard of playing game in a bright environment. In addition to that, recharging the battery gives you a game play of approximately 10 hours. How awesome is that? You can definitely satisfy your thirst for game in time before the battery dies off.

Nintendo DS is another superb invention by Nintendo Corporation and from its selling price of $149.99; you do not have to dig deep into your pocket. It is affordable to most families and can be played by people of all ages.