Nintendo Released New Game Footage For Its Upcoming Legend of Zelda Game September 4, 2016

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most highly anticipated games thanks to not only its name but also its reveal.

Back in the E3 2016 event, the game has garnered the longest lines for people who want to try out the demo of the game and it also just recently gained the “best game of the year in Gamescom 2016”; and that is considering that the game hasn’t even been released yet! hoverboard officiel

Just last week, Nintendo released a new in-game footage where it showcased Link’s Rune abilities. Rune abilities will give Link the ability to use magic spells at his disposal.

Now, Nintendo has released another in-game footage but this time, it showcases Link’s Archery skills and his arsenal of different arrows.

Apparently, Link has the ability to change between Sword and shield and Bow and Arrow almost instantaneously.

Furthermore, Link can also change to different arrows on the fly as well. Link will be able to utilize four different arrows; all of them having different attributes.

The first arrow is the non-elemental arrow (in other words, the “normal arrow). This arrow, as shown in the in-game footage, is best used for situations where you have to cut something from a distance.

In the footage, Link was able to cut down some ropes from a safe distance and without his enemies noticing it.

Another arrow that Link can use is the Fire Arrow. The Fire Arrow is best used to burn wood or barrels. Some barrels contain oil in them and when a fire arrow comes into contact with it, it will explode. It will also damage enemies that are near to it as well.

Fire Arrows can not only be used to burn flammable materials but it can also be used directly on enemies for some fire damage.

Moving on to the next arrow which is the opposite of fire, the ice arrow. The Ice arrow, as the name implies, freezes anything it comes in contact with.

In the trailer, Link was able to freeze the enemies that came close to him. As previously mentioned, Link can change from Bow and Arrow to Sword and Shield in a jiffy and it was masterfully shown in the trailer.

An enemy was about to close in on Link when Link was able to fire an Ice arrow to freeze the enemy then Link was able to change to a sword and shield and he quickly dispatched the frozen enemy.

And finally, the Bomb Arrow. The Bomb Arrow is one of the best arrows to use if you want to quickly blow enemies to bits.

The cool thing about these arrows is that you can basically mix and match them to your advantage.

For example, suppose you’ve frozen an enemy with an Ice arrow, you can quickly change to either a bomb arrow or the fire arrow to quickly blow them up or melt them down, respectively.

Furthermore, when shifting to different arrows, the game conveniently pauses itself to allow you to change to different arrows without you worrying if the enemy is going to hit you or not.

These new in-game footages are just amazing and a lot of people are now more excited than ever for the release of the game.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is going to be released for the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo NX and it will be released alongside the aforementioned game consoles in March 2017.

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