iOS 7 January 12, 2016

Mobile phones are awesome, right? From its inception up to now, mobile phones have saved quite a lot of our resources. From our time, and even to our lives, mobile phones are a Godsend.

The iPhone is an amazing phone, there’s no doubt about that. But, even with its hardware prowess, the mobile phone is useless without the operating system that powers every piece of hardware in it.

We are going to discuss the iOS 7. The iOS 7 is the iPhone’s operating system and it was released on September 13. And since it is its 7th iteration, it brings new and improved features.

The first thing you will notice is the look and feel of the operating system. It now has a cleaner interface and the functions run a bit snappier than ever before. The icons also have a slimmer look now compared to other iOS versions.

The overall looks permeate through the entire iPhone ecosystem. For example, when you look at a photo before, the controls and panels will look exactly the same, which does not really highlight the actual photo.

But, with the iOS 7, the controls, panels, and lines will now blend with the overall color scheme of the photo you are looking at. It basically adapts to its environment, which is a pretty cool visual overhaul.

Now let’s take a look at a rather nice addition to the iPhone’s interface, the Control Center. Before, you need to dig deeper into the settings just to turn off the Bluetooth, for example. But with the iOS 7, there’s a new control center panel that has all the usual settings you wish to tweak.

These settings are Bluetooth, WiFi, “Do Not Disturb” option, Airplane Mode, Brightness slider, just to name a few. Gone are the days where you have to individually look for the items in the deepest darkest corners of the mobile phone.

Notifications and how they are perceived has been improved as well. The notifications panel now has a translucent look to match the overall feel of the operating system. Furthermore, you also have the option to view just the missed notifications or the notifications that are present today.

Another grand feature of the iOS 7 is the way it handles multi-tasking. When you multi-task using the iPhone, you will now have a preview of the applications, and they are arranged from the most recent to the last. Also, there is now an app tray situated at the bottom so that you can change from different apps immediately. Scrolling through the interface is also as smooth as silk.

The camera and photo album features have also been improved. The camera now has 4 additional accessing features: Photos, Videos, Panorama, and Photos in a square frame. There are also new filters for you to choose from.

The photos are also organized really well; the default being based on location and date. You can also pitch and zoom the photos to sort them out to different albums if you choose to do so.

The iOS 7 provides major overhauls, mainly focusing on its overall aesthetics and also adding some features like the camera and photo album organizing features and filters. The iOS 7 supports iPhone 4S phones and above.

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