Entertaining games for entertaining car trips

Whereas most people enjoy the surroundings while traveling, other passengers get bored, especially if a trip is a long one. Instead of just looking at your phone and searching for the next Sportingbet promotional code, being completely bored or sleeping, there is a solution – playing games. The right and exciting game will help you shorten a trip and have some fun.

21 questions

This is a really fun game that keeps a driver awake and focused on the road and the rest of the passengers entertained. The player that starts the game has to think of an object or a person and the rest of the players ask 21 questions that help them guess the chosen object. The questions should not be repeated and the player who guesses the object or the person thought of wins the round and starts the next one.

Continue the story

The more people play this game, the more interesting it gets. The first player starts the story with one line or a couple of words and stops. The next player continues to build the story, and so on. Players are not allowed to cut out parts of the story. They can only continue the existing story. At the end of the story, all of the passengers end up laughing and having a good time.

Who am I?

This game is both funny and educational. A really nice way to keep the driver awake and the rest of the passengers having fun. Every player has to think of a person. It can be a singer, a historical figure, or a president of a country. One of the players start the round by asking “Who am I?” and the rest of them have to ask questions to which the answer can be “yes” or “no”. They have to guess a person that is imagined. The one who guesses starts the next round.

Spot the car

This game is both very interesting and suitable for traveling because it increases the alertness of the driver and passengers. Before starting the engine, everyone should decide the model or color of the car that will be the object of the game. Namely, while traveling, the players are required to spot the specific car and tell others about it. This way the player earns a point. The winner is the one with the highest number of points.

I’m going on a picnic

This is a game that checks how good someone’s memory is. The first player starts the game by saying the phrase “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…”, then they should say a word starting with A. For example: “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples.” The next player should repeat their sentence and add a word starting with B, and so on alphabetically. The last player should repeat all of the words in the correct order. The game is really interesting and it requires intense concentration.