Best Apps for Working Out at Home

Staying in shape is important, but we often forget that we need to do our daily workouts or even if we do end up working out, we still have too many meals, or too many calories, whether or not they come from regular meals (but bigger) or from fast food. 

Ideally, following a guide would be great if we want to keep our lives in check. Some people read how-to-get-fit guides, and follow various diets suggested by dieticians. Some people like to read the Online Slots Guide, others like to read manuals for whatever they find interesting and entertaining.

When it comes to working out at home – is there the best way to do it, really? Well, since we spend most of our time with a phone, we should probably use an application for working out. 

Here are the best choices for when it comes to working out at home!


A cross-platform application, it is great for anybody that wants a complete package. Peloton is known for their spin classes, something that ladies in movies and TV shows take, right? Well, this application now has all of that, and more, from bodyweight exercises to exercises with heavy weights. Look at video tutorials, live videos, indoor and outdoor exercises, to find something which will be the most suited to your level and your skill as an athlete. The pricing is fair, given all that you get for it. 


This application is also available on most operating systems, but has a problem which is the price. However, it is a great choice for those people who cannot go through a session without motivation and somebody pushing them to become better and to finish a workout, or even a set. 

There are many voice-guided exercises and courses which are great, for beginners and those who are looking to go back to working out, with a motivating voice to guide them.

Fitbit Coach

Another great application for those who use Fitbit devices, as well as for those who don’t. You don’t really have any benefits with using a device, other than tracking your activities with more accuracy. If you are the kind of person that is motivated by numbers, this is a good thing, otherwise, just look at what the application can do. 

There are plenty of exercises to choose from, but some of them lack a structured program, which is what might turn some people off. Structured programs are necessary, because regular workout is what makes us better, and not a single training session per week. The application also has a free version, which makes it the first one on the list with such an option.

Adidas Training and Running By Runtastic

Previously known as Runtastic, it is now owned by Adidas. They have great free options and challenges, but the downside is that you have to motivate yourself. The app will not do it for you and you will have to be responsible. You can create your own workouts.

These are the best applications to consider if you plan on working out at home.