Barefoot running – why is it good? August 19, 2014

Barefoot running is becoming increasingly popular. If you are a runner than you know that running shoes can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help. Running shoes can force your foot to land in a manner that is unnatural.


The range of motion of your foot can also be limited when you wear running shoes. The proper running shoes can help you get you on your feet and moving better than ever. While there are some proponents that say that running barefoot should mean running without shoes, running completely without shoes is just not a great idea because you are opening yourself up to all sorts of injuries.


If you are a runner that is interested in trying out running barefoot to see if it is for you than you should try the Nike Free Run Trainers. These running shoes are a great way to gradually go from full on running shoes to a shoe that is most like barefoot.


Everyone Agrees


While the details of running barefoot might be always in discussion one thing that all the experts can agree on is how you get from wearing full old fashioned running shoes to the lighter barely there barefoot running shoes.


The best way to get from point A (wearing traditional shoes) to point B (wearing almost barefoot shoes) is slow and steady! All the experts agree that taking your shoes off and running is not the way to go about barefoot running.


Stepping down gradually is far safer and makes the transition easier on your body. Nike Free Run Trainers offers a great system of shoes that will take you from old school to new school in a few easy steps.


Comfort is Key


Believe it or not if you feel uncomfortable with foot to ground and nothing in between you are not alone. A lot of people simply do not feel comfortable without a shoe on! Some people need more sole between them and the ground to feel comfortable. Comfort is important!


Nike Free Run Trainers got you covered. Whether you want more sole between you and the ground or you want minimal sole so you can get the added benefit of running barefoot without the danger associated with it!


You can choose from one of three sole heights and flexibility to get you closer to barefoot but still maintain your own personal comfort level!

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