A Popular Boxer Joins Street Fighter V July 22, 2016

Street Fighter V was released earlier this year but for me and many gamers out there, we felt that this game was rushed.

It was rushed because there aren’t a lot of things to do in the game. The story mode only gives you three opponents and one boss battle you should complete in order to see a certain character’s story.

There are also other game modes that do not entice gamers to play. Only the multiplayer mode is the saving grace of the game.

Although the game had a rough start, Capcom is committed to improving the gameplay experience as the time passes by.

In fact, they’ve already stated that the company will be releasing new content for the game in the form of Downloadable Content or DLC.

Capcom has just recently released a trailer that showcases one of the most prominent returning characters, Balrog.

Balrog, who once was a boss character back in the Street Fighter II days, is joining the fray in the upcoming DLC update.

Now, there might be some sort of confusion for first-time Street Fighter fans. You see, in some countries, Balrog the boxer is known as M.Bison.

M.Bison is a reference to the iconic boxer, Mike Tyson. Fearing that they might get lawsuits, the game developers changed the character’s name to M.Bison instead.

Now, Balrog is one of the staples in the Street Fighter meta. He is a boxer and most of his moves are executed by holding a directional button for two seconds and pressing forward followed by an attack button.

Although this might be inconvenient for some gamers, pro players actually love using Balrog because of his interesting move set.

He also packs a punch, no pun intended. Most of his moves deal a huge chunk of damage and it can surprise a lot of enemies because of his quick movements.

Balrog will be the only character that will be released in the upcoming DLC update. Sagat and other Street Fighter staples have yet to be released. Also, there is no release date for them as well. I guess, we will just have to wait.

Capcom may be slow in giving out updates but rest assured that future updates will come. The company stated that they’re going to have a specific release window among all of their DLCs, but it was clearly not followed as they’ve been delayed for so long now.

Street Fighter V was deemed to be one of the best fighting games that were released this year but the game’s seemingly unfinished interface and lackluster story mode leave fans scratching their heads.

I mean, it took the company nearly three years to produce this game, only to release it as a title that has a lot to rectify.

Still, Capcom has been in the business for so long and I am confident that they’re going to do their job of giving an entirely awesome fighting game experience.

Balrog will be released as a DLC update and will be available on July 1. Street Fighter V is available for the PC and various game consoles such as the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

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